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Bamboo (Bambu)


Bambu is a classic material whose look is ageless. Its natural non-mechanical weave is a field of colors and textures which give it a unique beauty. Containing the colors of nature it is a perfect compliment to the beauty of the country and its mountains, fields and coasts.

Our Bamboo is made Roman style and nests comfortably when in a raised position.

About the Window Covering
Maximum Dimensions

96"x120" (Manual), 96x220" (Motorized)

Instalation Ceiling or Wall
Ceiling Real Estate 2" (Corded System), 2 1/4" (OmniRise), 2 1/4" (Motorized)
Operation Corded System, OmniRise Continuous Cord System, Motorized

No, dusting or low-setting vacuum

Antifungal No
Sound Absorpcion Yes

Home or Office: Bamboo compliments warm and earthy environments rich with woods and other natural materials. Bambo is also often used in modern and eastern decore.



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Don´t hinder your view, improve it with Panama Rollers & Shades. Your windows are your door to the outside world, the only continuous connection to your exterior. How each individual treats this connection says a little bit about their personality.

In this area of window coverings there are decorative options like tradicional draperies on traditional track, and the more modern window coverings such as rollers or blinds that serve the same purpose of molding window spaces. Arquitects, interior designers and decorators are specifying modern window coverings more and more as the years go on for their function and the options they give in sun control, but also embracing them as part of the decorative medium which defines our living spaces.

We invite you to explore our line of window coverings and hope that you give us the privilidge of having our brand, proudly fabricated in Panama, say a bit about you in your home or office space.

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